Congratulations to all who had bought High Park Residences and to the Developer for making a wise decision to price to sell!

This is real estate at its best where there is a win win situation for all.  Obviously, the price launched was attractive and will give buyers some profit margin as well when project reaches its completion.  The key point here is affordability and an excellent location where Seletar Mall is a few minutes walk away and next to LRT will aid transport.

Singapore is a small place and every town is adequately served by great infrastructure where transport, schools, supermarkets and eateries are all within walking distance.

Another 10 years and no place will be deemed as far as Singapore has great roads and MRT systems which are going to connect you to any part in Singapore.  Investing in real estate does take Vision and investors must be ready to hold out for longer term as Singapore continues to improve and retain her high international standing without eroding her competitiveness and continues to be relevant in Asia and in the world.

Investing in real estate has a lot to do with not just picking a project but also the right country to invest so that the currency power will work for investors as well.

We look forward to a Smart Singapore!

By Tracy Goh, 1 Aug 2015

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