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More than 20 years ago when I started in this industry, I realized that I have to be good in selling to benefit my clients.

I have to learn to sell at the highest price.  To say is easy.  To make it happen takes real skills.  I have to be able to see the properties in its beauty whether I personally like it or not.   Not only to be able to see the highest value of the property; I need to bring out the BEST value out of the property.

And how am I going to do that?

Let me elaborate.

My first property that I sold in March 1990 was probably the most difficult property to sell.  It was a triangle shape single storey corner terrace that was in its original condition with no car porch.  The car has to be parked outside on the road and there are some stairs that lead to the house.

So what is the beauty of that landed property?

When I advertised, a lot of buyers were negative about it because there was no car porch although it was a corner terrace.  They could not imagine buying a landed without a car porch!

When the buyer came to view that property, I began to paint a picture of a dream house to that buyer.  I said though the land is odd shape, it gives you a good space to make a truly beautiful garden with space for a swing and allow children to play balls around.  Then the house was a single storey gave the potential buyer a chance to rebuild the house to the buyer’s liking.  As for the car porch, the architect could pave over the drain and allow the cars to drive up to the house.  It takes some work to be done but it will be fantastic when you rebuild later when your family expands.  As it was then, it was good enough for a small family.  This was a corner terrace and land is still much bigger than a typical inter terrace and its land value will eventually rise no matter whether it is odd shape or not.

Surprisingly, my buyer offered and I closed it within a month.  I was elated!  It was my first deal and I was told by my owner then a lot of agents could not sell it.  Many years later I drove passed the same house again and I saw with amazement that the house really became a dream house.  It has car porch now and is a modern 2 and a half storey house with a nice garden.

So I learned that I do sell dreams in real estate!

And I was pleased that the new owner did make a lot of fortune from it.

And ever since from that deal, I was closing an average of 2 to 3 private properties a month.  I became among the top producers wherever I went.

In August 1992, it was the Chinese hungry ghost month.  Many people started to tell me that sales will be bad for Chinese will avoid buying properties in that month.  I asked God for His opinion whether it would be so.  Guessed how He replied me? That month I closed 7 private properties consist of landed and condos.  After that miraculous performance, I had no more excuse that I could not do well.

Years later in 1998 financial crisis, I had my biggest challenge.  For the first time in my life, I was not able to sell property every month.  Prices crashed; whether freehold or leasehold, whether landed or condos, prices were almost half from its peak in 1996/1997.  Interest rate climbed to 8% per annum.  I was very depressed for it took me 3 to 6 months to sell a property.  I nearly gave up real estate then.  Then I looked at the statistics and saw that the market was not dead; there were still transactions although transactions dropped more than two-thirds.  Then it dawned on me that I had to be very good to survive in this down turn.  I must be among the one third that sold real estate.

So in that year 1998, I learned another important truth in real estate.  If you want to last, you have to be among the top.  You have to be the one selling, and not complaining.

My attitude changed.  I believe I am among the top agents in the market and I will sell. 

And when my attitude changed, it was a turning point in my life.  I sold properties every month again!   Nevertheless, It took me more effort to sell in bad times; I had to work harder to find the serious sellers; I had to continue to be aggressive in marketing even though calls were fewer.  I ploughed on.  I was rewarded.  Buyers were hesitant.  I pushed for offers.  “What are you waiting for?  Are you waiting for prices to go up before you will offer?”  I reasoned with them; challenged them; and persuaded them to give their offers.  They would not regret buying in bad times.  How could they ever be wrong?

That was my turning point in real estate.  I knew I would last because 1998 was a terrible devastating year.  Many bosses would tell you that; many companies folded; record numbers of people retrenched; many went bankrupts; everything became dirt cheap.

In 1999, real estate went up again!  Up to 40% increase in 1 year!

Then in 2003 when SARS and Iraq war broke out, another miserable time for real estate agents.  I did not waver then.  I sold 2 condos in March 2003. It was bad but it was still not as bad as 1998.  And I was still selling every month.

I became more and more aggressive.  Especially more so in bad times for I could see that buyers will benefit and reap a fortune if they know how to invest.

I have the pleasure to help many people build their wealth in real estate.

Needless to say, I am handsomely rewarded for doing what I do best:

Sell Properties

And if this is what you want for your life and for your family, join me in real estate!


I shared briefly my journey with you to give you a glimpse of real estate.  It is no piece of cake.   Do not be fooled by advertisements that you could make millions in real estate easily (It is true. I had made millions but it is not easy).  Before you can get there, do you have what it takes? And do you have the tenacity that champions have?  Do you have the humility to learn?  Are you willing to really work?

Whenever I tell people that I am a real estate agent, they often have the idea that I am very free.  They have the idea that I stay at home, sleep late and go out whenever I have appointments.  How wrong can they get!

If you decide to be a real estate agent, prepared to go office everyday at 9am except weekends as you will be busy doing lots of viewings.

Prepared to work late at night as and when necessary.

Prepared to meet customers everyday.

Know all the basics of property law.  There is no such thing as I ask my boss.

Take pride in yourself.  Train yourself to be the very best to stay among the top.  Do not waste your own time.

Do not give in to fear.  Fear will paralyse and cripple you for life.

Learn how to fish and you will have plenty for life.

Love your customers.  Do not take advantage of them.  If you do, they will know eventually and you will be out of business.

Selling is not a business where you take advantage of others.  Selling real estate is a business where you help your clients build their wealth in real estate and want to do business with you in the long term. If you are not trustworthy, you will not succeed in any business.

If you have all the above, JOIN US.

For all committed and determined friends who want to succeed in real estate, I do train you.



To train every salesperson in the team to make 6- figure income by acquiring and polishing excellent salesmanship to add value to clients’ wealth in real estate and building relationships that will last through good and bad times.


Excellent Salesmanship upholds honesty, honour and integrity in all transactions.






4.  ROLEPLAY is essential tool in training sales people to apply what they have learned in a simulative environment.  This will enable them to speak boldly and correct their mistakes to reduce hard knocks in the real market.

5. Discover your strengths and weaknesses so that you will constantly brush up on areas of weakness.  A one to one appraisal will be given.



At the top is often lonely.  You seem to be the only one doing a lot of work.  Do you really want to be top? An eagle soars in the big blue sky alone most of the time.   Once you are an eagle, you will leave all the chickens behind.



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