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I am in the real estate since 1990.  My vast experience includes selling HDB, commercial, private residential condominiums and landed properties in resale as well as new project launches.

I went through the ups and downs in real estate cycles and saw many went bust in crisis and also saw many who made big money in crisis.

Financial planning is an essential part of real estate investments.  Though Singapore undergoes tremendous success throughout the years, those who could not hold will not benefit from the transformation of towns and the economic success of Singapore.  In reality, there will always be downturns that caught us by surprise like the 1998 financial crisis, SARS in 2003 and the Lehman Brothers crash in 2008.   Big supply that is coming on stream can also subdue prices for a long time.

Hence, my experience helps clients and customers see what matters to them in real estate that they can make informed decisions and invest in properties that suit them best and not to be caught by surprise by sudden storms ahead of us.  Only when we know how to weather the storms could we enjoy the fruits of the success of real estate investments. Double digits returns can be achieved but customers have to put aside their egos when investing in real estate.  For simply what they like or what they prefer may not be rentable properties or high yield properties.

Strangely in real estate many affluent customers like to buy real estate that is super posh that the majority of tenants or buyers could not afford to rent or buy.

 Many are very emotional in buying real estate.  That is their biggest pitfall.

To multiply wealth in real estate is quite easy.  Just stick to the fundamentals and you will get it right.

What are the fundamentals?
*Positive Cash flow
*Easy to rent
*Appreciating Asset
*Cash Cow
*Easy to Sell

My partner, Andrew Ong came to real estate in 2008 and had sold HDB, private condominiums and commercial properties.

Our success is providing our customers RESULTS in whatever we do.  If you want to get it sold, we will get it SOLD.  We will advise what owners must do to support us in getting their properties SOLD.  Obviously, you should not present run down properties (unless you are only selling land on that property) where paints are flaking, wardrobes are falling apart, tiles are popping, place is messy or dirty.  If you allow it, you will get the worst price possible for your real estate.    Even an old house needs to be tidied up and really clean.

If you want to rent, we will also advise what you need to do to get maximum dollar from rental.  More importantly, we advise how you should compete in this fierce rental market.  What you want is to get your property rented out FAST and we have a team of agents who do just that.

When you meet us, you will know that we have the expertise to get things DONE  right away just the way you want it.

Your satisfaction is our greatest joy in real estate.  All our clients and customers become friends and we look forward to meet you soon.

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